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Changes in the management of MVV Energie CZ

Vaclav Hrach to leave MVV Energie CZ, Jitka Kafková and Libor Žížala temporarily assume company management.
Vaclav Hrach (39), CEO of the Czech energy company MVV Energie CZ, is to leave the company at his own request at the end of February. He will then be tackling other business challenges outside the Group. This was announced by the company in Prague on Friday. Hrach, a mechanical engineer, has chaired the Management Board of MVV Energie CZ since 2009. He has been employed at the company since 2000, working initially as financial director and since 2005 as managing director.
Dr. Werner Dub, Chairman of the company's Supervisory Board, thanked Hrach for his longstanding commitment and for the contribution he has made to developing MVV Energie CZ into one of the leading district heating companies in the Czech Republic. He wished him all the best and great success for his future and for the professional challenges ahead. The company's two current authorised representatives, Jitka Kafková and Libor Žížala, have temporarily assumed the company's management.
MVV Energie CZ has been a subsidiary of the German energy group MVV Energie since 1999. According to Dr. Dub, the company has "continued to develop very well" in recent years. With operations in a total of 15 Czech towns and cities and around 550 employees, the company generated sales of just under Euro 106 million in the past financial year and sold more than one million megawatt hours of heating energy and 190,000 megawatt hours of electricity.
MVV Energie CZ a.s. is the parent company of a dynamically developing district-heating group operating in the regions of Moravia, North Bohemia and Vysočina. MVV Energie CZ a.s. was established in October 1993. Since 1999, the Company has been a subsidiary of MVV Energie AG, a German energy group, seated in Mannheim, Germany.
The MVV Energie CZ Group comprises fifteen subsidiaries and operates in fifteen towns throughout the Czech Republic. In total it employs 555 people. The company focuses primarily on the generation and distribution of heat, with secondary business lines in the generation of electricity, supply of drinking water, drainage of waste and rain water, and the provision of electronic communication services. MVV Energie CZ a.s. has a long standing history in the provision of energy services, especially through Energy Performance Contracting. Our customers not only include households and the tertiary sector, but also industrial companies and municipalities.
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