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MVV Energie CZ has a great website

Experts from the Web Top 100 contest have granted 4th place to the MVV Energie CZ website. In the professional energy sector website chart, MVV Energie CZ thus managed to defeat some of its competitors.
The jury, consisting of experts in the field, evaluated in particular the benefit for users in this year’s round of the contents. “Today’s modern design and the playfulness of some websites discourage visitors from the onset. Our task was to find websites which are beneficial for their users,” deemed the jurors of the 170 websites that signed up. Competitors could gain additional points for marketing, utility, graphic design and technical solution. A study of the contest which evaluates all of these aspects named as a good example of website legibility. Of the total 100 points, the website at the address got 62.5 points, thus taking fourth place in the chart.
This year, 170 web presentations signed up for the contest, whereas the winner with 76.8 points competed in the energy chart. “Actually, we ‘only’ received 14.3 points less than the winner of the entire contest, which is delightful. We have further plans for our website and thee contest has helped us obtain the opinion of other experts, which we will also take into account,” says Pavla Kulhavá, Marketing and PR Specialist, about the results. “I am pleased that the jury also mentioned the legibility of our website as a good example. We created the pages with one goal – accessibility. We fulfil this goal and our motto of “Responsible Energy” thus works even on the internet,” concludes Pavla Kulhavá.