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MVV Energie CZ is now producing electricity in ten towns

Total investments in the COGEN and COGEN II projects in the MVV Energie CZ Group exceeded CZK 0.5 billion. COGEN II has brought electricity production to Česká Lípa. Cogeneration gas engines producing electricity and heat are situated in two original heating plants. The project introduced itself to customers and public in Česká Lípa in May.
“Česká Lípa has currently been one of the most modern municipalities in the area of community heating. With the COGEN II project we followed up COGEN, its forerunner, and completed the cogeneration production of electric power and heat to the tenth municipality of the group. One of our long-term strategic targets has gradually been achieved,” Václav Hrach, Chairman of the Board of Directors of MVV Energie CZ comments the project.
Project for cogeneration - COGEN II
COGEN II means a total of 5 new sources – cogeneration gas engines of the total power 18.65 MW. In total 9.028 MW for electricity production and 9.622 MW of power for heat production.
COGEN II presented the already working new cogeneration engines to customers and the public in Česká Lípa on Friday, 20 May in the afternoon. On the occasion of the Open Day visitors of the heating plant in Stará Lípa could visit a new hall with engines and other parts of the project. The project has been finally completed after all the planned tests of all equipment, landscaping and site layout this summer as planned.
Project name COGEN II
Locations 2 locations: Česká Lípa - Stará Lípa, Česká Lípa - Holý Vrch
Duration of project implementation 1,5 year
Project completion July 2011
Total investment cost Approximately CZK 200 million
Total installed power 18,65 MW (9,028 MW for eletricity and 9,622 MW for heat)
Performance of single installed facilities 4 x 2,014 MW + 1 x 0,972MW
Storage tank volume 1700 m3
Investment of MVV Energie CZ Group into the cogeneration production in the COGEN and COGEN II projects exceeded CZK 0.5 billion in years 2009 to 2011. COGEN II extended electricity production to the tenth towns of the group.
Ing. Pavla Kutlu