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MVV Energie CZ produces electricity already in nine towns

Louny, Jílové, Děčín, Opava, and Studénka. In all these towns, the MVV Energie CZ group produces electric energy in the way of combined heat and power generation (co-generation). The COGEN project, execution whereof took 1.5 year, was completed. COGEN II will follow already in the coming autumn.
“We completed another growth project of the MVV Energie CZ group, and we continue to boost the diversification of our products towards co-generation of electric energy. So, we fulfilled another target of our long-term strategy, following the last-year’s take-over of energy generation based on biomass, and increasing our portfolio by the sixteenth town,” commented on the project Ing. Václav Hrach, Ph.D., Chairman of the Board of Directors of MVV Energie CZ a.s.

The COGEN project means that our energy generation capacity has increased by 29 MW (13,5 MW for electricity, and 15,5 MW for heat). The project investment costs were CZK 350 mil. and involved 9 co-generation units in total, 7 storage tanks and 6 transformer stations in 5 towns in the Czech Republic.

The MVV Energie CZ group promises to continue in combined heat and power generation also in years to come. The next COGEN II project will commence in the City of Česká Lípa already in the autumn.
Installation site Electric output Heat output Reservoir capacity
Louny – Západ 2 x 1,558 MW 2 x 1,875 MW 700 m3
Louny – K3C 1 x 0,420 MW 1 x 0,497 MW 130 m3
Louny – K1A 1 x 0,774 MW 1 x 0,931 MW 190 m3
Opava 2 x 2,014 MW 2 x 2,168 MW 850 m3
Jílové 1 x 1,558 MW 1 x 1,875 MW 360 m3
Děčín – Boletice 1 x 2,014 MW 1 x 2,168 MW 450 m3
Studénka 1 x 1,558 MW 1 x 1,875 MW 360 m3