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Pardubice Region will save another 36 million crowns for energy; the EPC method will also help the environment

The modernization of technological equipment was completed in ten buildings owned by the Pardubice Region. Thanks to the progressive EPC (Energy Performance Contracting) method, the measures will save 36.6 million crowns over 11 years, which is guaranteed to the Region by the supplier of this large-scale project, the company MVV Energie CZ, who have invested 25.6 million crowns in the modernization of energy management.

The modernization involved the renovation of boiler rooms, heat transfer stations, heating controls, the installation of approximately 1,800 new LED lights and the installation of FTV panels. The Pardubice region did not have to spend a crown.

"Pardubice Region was the first region in the country to start implementing EPC projects in 2007. The benefits are obvious. This saves money, but also the environment. For example, in 2019 alone, the savings amounted to 49.5 million crowns and 7,500 tons of CO2. Over the duration of the projects, we saved 310 million crowns and 37,500 tons of CO2 did not enter the atmosphere," says the Council leader of the Pardubice Region, Martin Netolický. During all stages of the EPC project, a total of 249 buildings owned by the Region were modernized.

Let us add that according to Eurostat data, the Czech Republic remains among the most energy-intensive EU countries, even though energy consumption in the country is still declining. Increasing the energy efficiency of buildings in individual regions is thus one of the paths to the overall modernization of the Czech economy and the fulfillment of climate commitments arising from the European Green Deal. Currently, several programs are being opened or prepared that support these projects from European Union funds.

A more comfortable environment, more modern and economical lighting, efficient management of energy consumption, but also a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions; all this is combined with lower invoices for electricity, heat or natural gas, but also water, which the Pardubice Region pays for through its organizations in these ten buildings in its ownership.

The latest stage of the project has been spread throughout the Pardubice Region. It included the premises of the Sports Grammar School and Children's Home in Pardubice, the Treatment Center for the Long-Term Sick in Rybitví and other secondary schools in Ústí nad Orlicí, Chvaletice or Česká Třebová. The building of the Regional Office of the Pardubice Region is also a part of this stage.

The project was implemented by the Energy Services Division of MVV Energie CZ a.s., which has invested CZK 25.6 million in the modernization of energy management and contractually guarantees that the energy consumption bill in these ten buildings, which amounts to CZK 20.6 million per year, will fall by CZK 3.3 million. For the total 11-year period of the project, this is a saving of 36.6 million crowns. The Region can use these savings in operating costs for other investments.

"MVV contractually guarantees the Pardubice Region cost savings. If these are not achieved, we will pay the so-called non-savings to the Region. That is why we have devoted considerable space to input analyses and active energy management will also be extremely important. The latest technologies help us, we are in constant contact with experts in all buildings," says Martin Hvozda, Manager of the Energy Services Division of MVV Energie CZ, which is one of the most experienced implementers of EPC projects in the Czech Republic.

Clean solar energy will help reduce consumption for the Children's Home in Pardubice
Clean solar energy will help reduce consumption for the Children's Home in Pardubice
About EPC - in the Czech Republic, in the 25 years of EPC's existence, more than 250 projects with a total investment of 3.6 billion crowns have been implemented across the market. This year, another approximately 15 projects worth a total of CZK 1 billion are being implemented or are in the tender phase. You can find an interactive map of all EPC projects.

The MVV Energie CZ energy group comprises fifteen companies operating in fifteen cities in the Czech Republic. The parent company is MVV Energie CZ a.s., which was established in October 1993. Since 1999 the company has been a subsidiary of MVV Energie AG, a German energy group, based in Mannheim. The three main pillars of the MVV strategy are the production and distribution of thermal energy, the combined high-efficiency power production and the waste-to-energy generation.

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