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We invest in modern energy solutions


Modern energy, environmentally friendly operation and economical solutions are increasingly sought after in the field of development. Energy savings are sought by buyers, tenants and visitors alike. This emphasis on the most efficient operation requires multimillion investment in energy resources, systems and end-use equipment by developers. ENETIQA is responding to this trend with the new Develore service.

Develore by MVV

Our service covers the supply of electricity and heat, with the maximum possible use of environmentally friendly resources. We design, implement, finance and operate complex energy solutions (from PV and heat pumps, through recuperation, to charging stations for electric vehicles).

We have almoust 30 years of experience and dozens of successful reference projects in the field of Energy Contracting throughout the Czech Republic. Thanks to close cooperation with our parent company in Germany, we have unique technological know-how.


We work closely with architects, designers and, of course, the overall contractor.

Every project is tailored to the location (with regard to networks), to the type or size of apartment building, office complex or retail park, and the requirements of end users.

We are partners

"In addition to being a smart energy supplier, we are ready to become a financial partner in your project. We want to develop a project with you with innovative energy solutions from the very beginning."



The costs associated with this investment are borne by our company

We save investors/developers millions of crowns in the budget of the entire project. After completion, our costs are reimbursed by end customers on the basis of long-term contracts. This type of cooperation is called Energy Contracting (EC), which, compared to standard solutions, ensures the most reliable and at the same time economically advantageous operation.


What construction segments do we cover?

  • new residential projects
  • development of older housing
  • office buildings and premises
  • shopping malls or retail parks
  • industrial enterprises

Who is the Develore service for?

  • development and investment companies
  • owners' associations, housing cooperatives, cities and municipalities
  • property and asset managers
  • real estate and consulting companies

The energy that we produce as part of our comprehensive supply and delivery to end customers, is from low-emission sources.

We use modern low-emission technologies that guarantee the most efficient production and distribution without losses or negative impacts on the environment. With Develore, you will get an argument for end customers or tenants who are interested in the environmental characteristics of your project. The result, which we are ready to audit or certify, can also be used in business and marketing communication.


What are the main benefits of Develore?

Financování Develore
Our ENETIQA group bears the investment in energy management. In addition to significant investment savings, the developer can also acquire us as a strategic equity partner. Our energy (electricity, heat, cold) is cost-effective and fully transparent to end customers.
Distribuční síť
We invent, design and construct the entire energy system, including heat, electricity or hot water, and we take care of its revision and management. We provide energy for your project in the form of a local distribution network, which brings significant savings in operation.
Moderní energetika
We use elements of modern energy such as cogeneration, air conditioning with recuperation, photovoltaic panels with storage or charging stations for electric cars. We benefit from many years of experience in the field of energy saving projects.
Develore will help you to meet stricter energy performance requirements of buildings. We offer a way to even better environmental perception of your development plan.

Equity financing

Develore's partner base is also evidenced by the possibility of direct capital (equity) input into development projects. This is a type of mezzanine financing that increases the credibility of banks or investors and, conversely, reduces the level of debt financing.

It is not a condition of Energy Contracting – it is a supplement to it. It also underlines our commitment and interest in the best possible economic result for the entire project. 

Selected references for Develore (EC)

Vladimír Zuzák

Housing complex Lesík Kladno

Comprehensive supply of all energy through a local distribution system. Each apartment building of the planned project in this beautiful development location will have its own energy-saving source.

Vladimír Zuzák (CEO, Maverick Group): "With MVV, we like the smart – unique on the Czech market – combination of energy and financial solutions for our development project. We have acquired a strong and financially stable partner who is also able to design and implement modern and ambitious energy solutions in housing construction."



Senior Resort Štěpánka Mladá Boleslav

184 apartments in this location, and the architecture of this unique project, are designed especially for people in early retirement. We also take care of their comfortable life thanks to the local distribution system and other energy services.


Polyclinic OASA Opava

Implementation and operation of a new boiler room and supply of heat, hot water and electricity in the new polyclinic building. Everything modern and economical.


Residential district Q.City Uherské Hradiště

Net energy production in four apartment buildings makes Q.City a model project of a modern solution for residential complexes. The distribution is provided by a local network and allows the connection of other renewable energy sources.


LiveWell Residence Pelhřimov

The four new residences in Pelhřimov will impress not only with their architecture but also with their technological solutions. In addition to a complete "smart" installation, the energy solution also includes the possibility of installing charging stations for electric vehicles.


Apartment houses Chytré Kylešovice Opava

An example of a modern technological solution in existing development is the apartment buildings in Opava, which use electricity and heat supplies produced in cogeneration directly in their district.


Owners' assosiation Prague – Záběhlice

We have been supplying three apartment buildings in Prague with heat and hot water since 2000. Part of the energy contracting was the modernization of the gas boiler room and regular service ensuring the most efficient operation.

Contact us. We will be happy to work out a plan with you for your development project.



Ondřej Šumavský
innovation manager 

mobile phone: +420 702 278 693
phone number: +420 272 113 162
email: develore@enetiqa.cz