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EPC by ENETIQA - Energy savings

Reduction of operating costs, decrease of energy consumption, modernization of technologies and units and, last but not least, protection of the environment. These are the main benefits of the EPC (Energy Performance Contracting) service. We have been implementing these projects for over 25 years. The total volume of guaranteed savings on 177 buildings has already exceeded CZK 1.1 billion.

EPC by MVV - energy savings
Did you know that buildings, regardless of use, account for 40% of all energy consumed? And that they thus produce 21% of all CO2 emissions? Reducing the energy performance of buildings is therefore one of the main obligations of the Green Deal in the European Union.

The EPC (Energy Performance Contracting) method is among the most effective tools for this, with average savings of 30-40%.

EPC is a "turn-key" service, consisting in the modernization of energy management with a guarantee of lower energy costs. The savings achieved are used to repay the investment.

The Energy Services Division of ENETIQA

led the way in implementing EPC projects in the Czech Republic – already in 1993. Since then, the number of successfully implemented projects has been growing. In 2022, our division signed contracts amounting to almost 220 million crowns. In total, it will bring customers savings of approximately 330 million in the coming years.

Our customers include cities and municipalities, regions, contributory organizations and, more recently, the state and its organizations. We have also been cooperating with the private sector for a long time, increasing the efficiency of its energy facilities. In this way we fundamentally reduce costs.

EPC is a comprehensive service. The solutions we offer consist of investment in technologies and their subsequent operation, with an average return of 6-10 years. We ensure savings throughout the period. And we guarantee them.  


What are the main benefits for the EPC customer:

  • practically zero input investment costs – paid by our party as a supplier
  • modernization of technological and energy equipment and units, including lighting
  • minimal risk – we guarantee savings on the level of energy and costs – as your supplier, in case of any shortfall we pay the difference
  • the possibility of drawing on subsidies – we handle this as part of our comprehensive service as a supplier
  • protection of the environment and health of the population – EPC leads to a decrease in energy requirements, reduces the production of greenhouse gases, uses waste for heat, and seeks savings in water consumption.

177 modernized buildings:

  • 1x theatre
  • 3x administrative centre, gastronomy
  • 4x sports hall, hospital, winter stadium
  • 5x swimming pool, office building, public lighting system
  • 7x cultural centre
  • 8x apartment building
  • 10x student dormitory
  • 11x industrial area
  • 12x university building
  • 13x social services branch
  • 18x kindergarten
  • 69x primary and secondary school

Implemented technical measures:

  • renovation of heat sources and transfer stations,
  • modernization of MaR control systems for heating and air conditioning with the possibility of remote supervision and control,
  • installation:
    • electronically controlled thermostatic heads for individual room temperature setting (IRC), technology for the use of waste energy,
    • more energy efficient lighting,
    • modern LED bulbs for public lighting,
    • economical shower heads and flow regulators,
    • modern technologies (heat pumps, cogeneration units).

References EPC by ENETIQA

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Please contact us. We will be happy to help you work out a plan for your building or premises.


EPC contact:

Bc. Martin Hvozda
Energy Services Division Manager

mobile: +420 725 003 307
telephone: +420 272 113 113
email: energetickesluzby(zavinac)enetiqa.cz 
More information about the principles of the EPC method can be found at www.apes.cz