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Our services

ENETIQA heat production and distribution


We supply heat to households, industrial plants and municipal authorities in 15 cities. More than half of the heat produced in our plants comes from cogeneration sources. Thus we save fuel, finance and the environment. We generate heat from environmentally friendly fuels and renewable resources.

Our geothermal source, which we utilize as the only operator in the CR to generate heat, is the holder of the prestigious Project of the Decade award from the Association for District Heating of the CR in 2012.

Since 1995, we have been producing heat from biomass (wood chips), which is among of the most environmentally friendly methods of heat production.

ENETIQA  high-performance electricity generation


We produce electricity in 11 cities using only cogeneration – thanks to this combined heat and power generation, we have significantly increased production efficiency since 2007, saving energy by over 20%.

Cogeneration is a way to produce energy that is environmentally friendly. It is one of the instruments of sustainable development policy. Cogeneration is characterized by lower production of pollutants, especially CO2.

The distribution of electricity and the use of modern consumption measurement technologies allow us to offer new services to our customers.

ENETIQA  waste to energy production

Energy from waste

In the Liberec region, we operate a waste-to-energy facility. Every year, municipal waste that would otherwise end up in landfills will be converted to heat and electricity for thousands of households. Concurrently, we eliminate groundwater, soil and air pollution in the region.

EPC by ENETIQA - energy savings

Energy savings

Since 1993, we have implemented more than 50 energy savings projects, especially through the EPC method. Our customers have saved with us over CZK 1 billion with projects for schools, swimming pools, hospitals, cultural buildings, halls, manufacturing and nonproduction business.

EPC method (Energy Performance Contracting) is a turn-key service, consisting of the modernization of energy economy, with the guarantee of lower energy costs. Savings achieved are generally used to repay the investment.

ENETIQA  watermanagement


We provide our customers with supplies of drinking water and sewerage. We use geothermal water to produce heat for thousands of households.