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After Liberec, Vsetín too has a charging station for electric cars

Our public fast charging station was recently opened in the shopping zone in Ohrada near Jysk by our subsidiary Zásobování teplem Vsetín a.s.

The charging station supports the DC and AC charging of electric cars. It has an integrated 5 meter cable with CCS connector and AC socket. At the station, it is possible to charge an electric car with DC of up to 75 kW, or by AC up to 22 kW. The charging time is therefore up to 15 times faster than with a classic DC wallbox: it takes some tens of minutes.

The station is powered by electricity from the cogeneration units of the Ohrada heating plant, which produce electricity and heat at the same time. Zásobování teplem Vsetín contributes to cleaner air by greener energy for cars. It will follow up with a gradual change of its vehicle fleet to electric cars.

"Our company is responding to the global trend and the growing interest in this type of vehicle. At the same time, we are expanding the scope of our business and also streamlining the sales of the electricity we produce," said Michal Chmela, Chairman of the Board of Directors of ZTV.

Charging station Zásobování teplem Vsetín
Charging station Zásobování teplem Vsetín
Representatives of Vsetín City Hall: Mayor Jiří Růžička (second from the left) and Deputy Mayor Pavel Bartoň (third from the left) also took part in the ceremonial opening of the charging station with the management of ZTV, Michal Chmela (first from the left) and Kamil Ondra (far right).