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Approaching decarbonization in Uherské Hradiště

CTZ s.r.o.

Experts from Brno University of Technology, Institute of Process Engineering, have completed a study of the modernization of the Mařatice heating plant in Uherské Hradiště. Yesterday, they presented the results of this study to representatives of Uherské Hradiště, journalists and the public. The Mařatice heating plant is operated by CTZ s.r.o., owned by MVV Energie CZ a.s. (50.96%) and the City of Uherské Hradiště (49.04%).

The study evaluated transitions to burning natural gas in combination with waste-to-energy plant (ZEVO) as the two most economically advantageous options for modernizing the heating plant. These variants differ only in the number of new cogeneration units. In third place, the study presents a variant of burning natural gas without ZEVO, and in fourth place the construction of boilers for biomass burning.

According to Kamil Ondra, CEO of CTZ, the study confirmed preliminary calculations showing the benefits of this solution. "If the partners approve this selection of variant, we will be able to offer our customers the lowest possible heat prices, and be largely independent of future developments in natural gas prices or security of supply from Russia. In addition, the city will be assured of having no difficulty in disposing of residual municipal waste after the landfill restriction in 2030, and that fees for its disposal will be stable and reasonable. According to our latest information, the Zlín Region does not plan to build a central municipal waste incinerator, because it does not have a heating system to use the heat produced," says Kamil Ondra.

Representatives of MVV and the City of Uherské Hradiště initiated the study in 2019, and, by signing a Memorandum of Understanding, confirmed their intention to stop burning coal and switch to a fuel, or combination of fuels, to ensure stable heat prices and minimize the plant's impact on the environment. This was signed on behalf of MVV by CEO Jörg Lüdorf, and on behalf of Uherské Hradiště by Mayor Stanislav Blaha.

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