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New MVV’s energy project will bring to Horní Slavkov a guaranteed savings of CZK 14 million

MVV Energie CZ is now implementing two new energy savings projects with a guaranteed result, the EPC method. The first includes EPC measures at eight buildings in the town of Horní Slavkov in the Karlovy Vary region, where it also carries out active energy management. The other is the third stage of the EPC project in the SMOSK building in Prague.

"We were looking for an effective tool to reduce city energy costs. The EPC method has several advantages. The guarantee of results is one of the biggest. Therefore, the risk is at the selected EPC supplier," says Alexander Terek, the Mayor of Horní Slavkov. MVV will upgrade the distribution of heat over the premises and install a room heating control system (IRC system). Active energy management consists in optimizing the heating systems of each building and continually searching for further savings.

"It's a comprehensive solution. For an investment of CZK 9.3 million to the town, we guarantee an annual saving of 1.2 million for twelve years. If we do not achieve this, we will pay the town the difference," says Martin Hvozda, MVV Energy Services Division Manager. The implementation phase of the project will be completed in December 2019. From January 2020, the guarantee period begins.

The modernization of heat distribution in the SMOSK office building at Senovážné Square in Prague concerns the expansion of energy-saving measures in both heat and electricity, as the implementation also includes the installation of a network stabilizer. This third phase of the EPC project in this building continues in the previous phases realized in 2010 and 2014 and with the investment of 2.6 million crowns, the client saves of about 300 thousand a year.