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Power Trader with a Focus on Short-Term Energy Markets

The Role Overview:

We are on the lookout for a Power Trader who not only has a deep passion for the energy markets but is also adept at navigating the intricacies of short-term trading. This crucial role is designed for those who thrive in dynamic trading environments, are eager to implement technology-driven trading strategies, and appreciate the critical role of teamwork in achieving success. With a focus on real-time asset optimization, we value problem solvers who can adapt and thrive in rapidly changing market conditions.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Monetize flexibility day-ahead, intraday and ancillary services markets to optimize the value of our assets.
  • Utilize and interpret data from in-house optimization tools.
  • Harness your knowledge of weather and gas market dynamics for informed trading decisions, particularly focusing on spark spread optimization.
  • Foster a culture of teamwork, recognizing that success in short-term trading is a collective effort requiring shared strategies and goals.



  • An experienced short-term trader or someone who believes they can become one.
  • Basic coding skills are an advantage but not a necessity.
  • A problem solver and risk taker at heart, capable of navigating complex challenges and dynamic market conditions.
  • Ready to embrace flexible 24/7 shift patterns, with team members selecting shifts based on their preference.
  • A proficient communicator and dedicated team player, committed to fostering collaborative trading strategy development.
  • English at an advanced level, Czech at a communicative level.


We Offer:

  • A pivotal role within our team, where your contributions significantly impact our trading success. This includes a profit-sharing scheme that rewards your efforts.
  • A trading environment designed for focus and efficiency, aiming to minimize distractions and enhance productivity.
  • Comprehensive access to market data to inform and refine your trading decisions.
  • A competitive salary, reflecting the seniority of the role.
  • Superior employee benefits: bonuses/premiums, 5 weeks of vacation, sick-days, meal vouchers, sport/culture/leisure allowance, free language courses, mobile phone, laptop, pension/life insurance allowance, flexible start /end of working hours, training/educational courses.
  • A modern office in Prague with convenient parking.


How to Apply:

Interested candidates are invited to submit their resume and a cover letter detailing their experience, qualifications, and why they believe they are the right fit for this role.
Please send the application to: