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ENETIQA Group has its own trading company ENETIQA Trading s.r.o.

The new company ENETIQA Trading s.r.o. deals with electricity and gas trading. It is another subsidiary of ENETIQA a.s. and thus expanded the ENETIQA group. The creation of the new company is a response to the constantly changing situation in the energy markets in the recent past. Its main goal is to respond to market developments in a timely manner, proactively act on it and optimize the use of our flexible assets.

"I am happy to welcome a new member to the ENETIQA group, namely ENETIQA Trading s.r.o. With its creation, we strengthen our expertise and expand our group's activities on the energy market. The team of the new company will be led by Stanislav Chvála, who previously held the position of CEO of NANO Energies. Thanks to our new company, the ENETIQA group will continue to offer our customers competitive prices for heat and electricity in the future," says Jörg Lüdorf, chairman of the board of directors of ENETIQA a.s.



The ENETIQA energy group consists of 18 companies operating in fifteen cities of the Czech Republic. The parent company is ENETIQA Energy s.r.o., which is part of the independent European investment company Cube Infrastructure Managers. The three main pillars of the ENETIQA group's strategy are the production and distribution of thermal energy, the combined high-efficiency production of electricity and the energy utilization of waste.

Ing. Miloš Adámek