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In the City of Uherské Hradiště, 12.000 kWh of electricity have already been produced

CTZ s.r.o. a limited liability company has acceded to other producers of electrical energy within the group of MVV Energie CZ. The Project “CTZ s.r.o.’s Source Section Reinforcement”, comprising also the installation of a turbo-generator set to produce electrical energy, was completed on schedule and the plant is now prepared to be put into full operation. In this way, Uherské Hradiště accompanied other cities, such as Vsetín, Liberec and Děčín, where companies of the MVV Energie CZ’s group are producing electrical energy; here it is carried out in the most effective manner – by CHP (Combined Heat and Power) generation.
“The high-efficiency combined heat and power generation is one of drivers of MVV Energie CZ’s energy strategy, and shortly energy production capacities will be expanded in other places in the Czech Republic as well,” commented the project Ing. Václav Hrach, Ph.D., Chairman of the Board of Directors.
The project at Uherské Hradiště started early in 2008. Its principal aim was to strengthen the heating capacity to cover the needs of newly connected consumers at Uherské Hradiště and to extend the existing production by adding the electrical energy generation. To this end, the Project was divided into three sections – (i) installation of the new K4 brown-coal steam-boiler, (ii) installation of the TG1 turbo-generator set, and (iii) remaining equipment, e.g. construction of the new control center.  Since December 2008, the new K4 boiler has already produced 37.000 GJ of heat in continuous operation.
Pavla Kulhava