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MVV Energie CZ a.s.’s Board of Directors is now complete

Ing Miroslav Kovářík
As of April 1, 2009, the new member of the Board of Directors, Ing. Miroslav Kovářík will join Ing. Václav Hrach, Ph.D. Ing. Václav Hrach, Ph.D., who belongs to company’s general management since 2005, became the chairman of the Board of Directors.
Ing. Miroslav Kovářík will be, as a new member of the Board of Directors, responsible for the technical section and energy services.
In 1994, Mr. Miroslav Kovářík (38) graduated from the Prague Czech Technical University, Aviation Engineering.  After the end of his studies in 1995, he joined AERO Vodochody a.s. as a R&D Engineer, he worked there till 2002. Thereafter, until 2005, he was in a position of the technical director, a member of the STAVOSTROJ a.s.’s top management, where he managed, inter alia, individual projects and company’s production teams, and participated in company’s general management.  Further, he gained additional work experience in holding companies of MĚĎ (COPPER) Povrly Slovakia a.s. and První Elektro (First Electrical) a.s. (Division Chomutov); in both cases, he was responsible for company’s general management.
Ing. Miroslav Kovářík can communicate in English.  His free time activities include water sports and cycling.  In addition, he likes to read books and he is a regular gallery- and theatergoer.
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