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MVV Energie CZ is to implement the largest EPC contract for the municipality

The city of České Budějovice is investing over 300 million crowns in energy savings in its 10 buildings. In terms of volume, this is the largest so-called Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) contract for municipalities in the Czech Republic to date. For heat consumption, annual consumption savings will reach roughly 35%, for water up to 20%, and electricity consumption will drop by almost 50%. The investment and construction phase, to be completed at the end of 2023, as well as the subsequent guarantee of the achieved savings, will be implemented by the energy group MVV Energie CZ, specifically the energy services division.

The contract in České Budějovice is a record for MVV's energy services division, which is among the matadors of the domestic EPC services market. The group is currently implementing 10 EPC projects in parallel throughout the Czech Republic, with a total volume exceeding 500 million crowns. "The order in České Budějovice confirms our long-term ambition to be a reliable partner of the public sector. This is another in a series of jumps in the value of EPC projects. I am glad that we have responded in time for the expected growing number of tenders by strengthening our team in terms of personnel and technology. Now we can capitalize on our investments," says Jörg Lüdorf, Chairman of the Board of Directors of MVV Energie CZ as.

The expansion of the energy services division has enabled the development of completely new activities. These include, for example, the technical and energy evaluation of buildings both at the level of construction and technology, the implementation of the Performance Design & Build method, as well as strategic investments within the MVV Energie CZ group.

At the same time, the signed contract demonstrates the importance of construction and technological measures that reduce the energy consumption of buildings for local government, organizational components of the state, state administration and, of course, the private sector. " In all cases, the key information for customers and those interested in EPC projects is that they need minimal funds to invest in savings. The preparatory phase can be covered by several subsidy programs. The implementation itself is covered by our company, while the costs are repaid from future savings achieved," explains Martin Hvozda, manager of the MVV energy services division.

As part of the largest EPC project for the municipality to date, 5 schools and nurseries will be insulated during 2023, installation of new air-conditioning systems, control system, installation of 5.5 thousand LED lamps with the possibility of lighting regulation or installation of photovoltaic panels with a total output of 1.2 MWp per roofs of buildings. The kitchens will also be equipped with more economical appliances. The Municipality of České Budějovice will also achieve significant savings thanks to a European subsidy from the Environment Operational Program.

For MVV Energie CZ, this is another significant success in the field of public contracts focused on combined measures to reduce the energy demand of buildings. This year, for example, the group has already succeeded in two tenders for the EPC projects of the Kosmonosy Psychiatric Hospital. The project in the Sadská locality has a value of CZK 17.3 million, while the complex EPC project in the main area in Kosmonosy CZK is worth 92.8 million. Other acquired projects include, for example, EPC in the building of the Regional Directorate of the ČSÚ in Brno, or in the premises of the Státní léčebné lázně Janské Lázně.

The MVV Energie CZ energy group consists of fifteen companies with activities in fifteen cities of the Czech Republic. The parent company is MVV Energie CZ as, which was founded in October 1993 and since 1999 has been a subsidiary of the German energy concern MVV Energie, headquartered in Mannheim, Germany. Among the main pillars of the MVV strategy are the production and distribution of thermal energy, the combined high-efficiency production of electricity and energy utilization of waste, as well as energy-saving projects. MVV has been implementing energy saving projects, especially using the EPC method, since 1993 as one of the first in the Czech Republic. The total savings of MVV customers in the framework of EPC projects for schools, sports grounds, hospitals, cultural centers, manufacturing and non-manufacturing enterprises already exceeds 1.2 billion crowns.

Ing. Miloš Adámek