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MVV Energie CZ will utilize waste for energy production

The company TERMIZO a.s. became a member of the MVV Energie CZ Group on 26th July 2011. "Our company has achieved another of its strategic goals and is entering the area of waste to energy segment (WtE) that the company has been exploring on a long-term basis. The acquisition of 100% share in TERMIZO a.s. has been completed," said Václav Hrach, Ph.D., the Chairman of the Board of Directors, while informing of the acquisition made by MVV Energie CZ a.s. in the area of WtE.
Acquisition of the 100% share in TERMIZO a.s. has been completed after the signature of contract between an affiliate of PPF Partners and the MVV Energie CZ a.s. and authorization by the Office for the Protection of Economic Competition of the Czech Republic. On 26th July 2011, MVV Energie CZ a.s. thus became the sole shareholder of TERMIZO a.s., which deals in the utilization of communal waste for power generation in Liberec. "Our long term strategy, based in particular on centralized heat generation and combined heat and power generation, has been completed with the WtE, which we had been monitoring for a long time, as we perceive this area as promising. Our parent company belongs among three largest WtE operators in Germany and has extensive experience in this area of business activity," said Václav Hrach.
Due to its very efficient exhaust gas purification system, the Liberec-based TERMIZO is exempt from ecological charges, as opposed to many other power generation sources based on fossil fuel combustion. This source of power is also independent of prices of oil or coal commodities traded on the world´s markets. "Both these advantages should become evident in the future. This is a price-stable and promising source of centralized heat supply in Liberec," said Václav Hrach. TERMIZO owns facility, without which it would be impossible to meet the target set for the waste management in Liberec and therefore it plays an important regional role both in the area of waste disposal and in the area of power and heat generation.
The facility belonging to TERMIZO is technologically connected to Teplárna Liberec, a.s., 70% of which is owned by MVV Energie CZ. Communal waste disposal together with the possibility of its utilization for power generation purposes is one of the best methods of maximum utilization of fuel that has nearly no alternative usage. Utilization of waste for power generation purposes can be undoubtedly regarded as beneficial for the environment. 
MVV Energie CZ - Responsible energy
MVV Energie CZ a.s. was established in October 1993 and since 1999 has been a member company of the German MVV Energie AG Group seated in Mannheim. The MVV Energie CZ Group now operates in seventeen cities in the Czech Republic and has 615 employees in total. The member companies of the group focus primarily on generation and distribution of heat and on combined heat and power generation. Other activities also include drinking water supplies, waste water and precipitated water disposal, electronic communication services and other services.
The "RESPONSIBLE ENERGY" motto of the company is based on environmental desirability and friendliness, elimination of wasting and utilization of cutting-edge technologies. 
The company TERMIZO a.s. has been dealing in the utilization of communal waste for heat, heat water and power generation for households as well as businesses in Liberec since 1999. In 2002, the company became a member of the PPF Group. In 2009, the company became a part of PPF Partners - a joint venture investment fund of PPF and Generali. TERMIZO a.s. has been a member of the MVV Energie CZ Group since July 2011.
TERMIZO a.s. used approximately 98 thousands tones of municipal waste in 2010 to generate electricity and heating energy and company generates approximately 698 TJ of heat every year. The company operates its own turbine to generate power with a view to satisfying internal consumption and supplying the public grid with app. 8.2 GWh.
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