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MVV Energie CZ’s Further Expansion: Entry to Market of the Sixteenth Town, and Energy Generation by Biomass Combustion.

Since November, MVV Energie CZ a.s. is a new 100% owner of IROMEZ s.r.o. at Pelhřimov. The MVV Energie CZ Group expanded so to 16 towns in the Czech Republic, and now is producing energy also from biomass.
“We seized the opportunity to enter another market, in the City of Pelhřimov . Thereby, we extended our portfolio, in accordance with our long-term strategy, with electric power generation based on biomass combustion, which we pursue as alternative fuels for our heat-generation plants on a long-term basis,” commented this new acquisition Ing. Václav Hrach, Ph.D., Chairman of the Board of Directors.
The project COGEN to generate electric power additionally in 4 towns of the group and increase its stake in ČESKOLIPSK A TEPLÁRENSKÁ a.s. to 94.9 % is thus, in this year, completed by another growth project – to expand the group into the sixteenth town in a row: Pelhřimov. Energy co-generation belongs to one of MVV Energie CZ’s strategic priorities. We also monitor and evaluate any and all renewable energy resources according to particular opportunities.
MVV Energie CZ, as the only company in the Czech Republic produces energy for central power supply from a geothermal source. “By acquiring IROMEZ, we continue to diversify our portfolio and, in particular, we extend the base of fuels in use,“ concluded Václav Hrach.  
IROMEZ s.r.o. was established in 1992. This company produces heat and electric energy primarily. It supplies heat to 3 500 households, additionally to schools, nurseries, and buildings and structures of the City of Pelhřimov and entrepreneurs as well. Since 2004, IROMEZ s.r.o. co-generates heat and electric energy by biomass combustion.
MVV Energie CZ a.s. was established on 6 October 1993, originally as EPS ČR s.r.o. Since 1999, it belongs to one of big European energy groups of MVV Energie. Since then, MVV Energie CZ succeeded to built in the Czech Republic an extensive group of 13 subsidiary companies. Today, the Group operates in sixteen towns throughout the Czech Republic, primarily in Moravia and North Bohemia, and newly also in Vysocina Region. It generates energies by combustion of natural gas, low-sulfur heating oil, coal, biomass, and as the only company in the Czech Republic also from geothermal energy. Today, the Group supplies heat to 91,000 households and 700 consumers of tertiary sector and industry. It produces electric energy in the most environmentally friendly manner, i.e. in co-generation plants, totally in 9 Czech towns. In the 2008/2009 financial year, the MVV Energie CZ Group’s revenue from sales was CZK 2.9 billion.
Ing. Pavla Kulhavá