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MVV Energie CZ has a new owner

The new director of the strategy and development department of ENETIQA a.s. from 1 April 2023 is Ivo Slavotínek, who has worked in the company since 2021 as director of the energy services business.

He studied economics and energy management at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Czech Technical University, Prague. In 1993, he co-founded EPS ČR s.r.o., and in the years following made a significant contribution to the development of the energy services market in the Czech Republic. He remained in the position of director of EPS ČR s.r.o., later renamed MVV Energie CZ s.r.o. with the change of majority owner, until 2005. From 2006, he worked at ENESA a.s., which he also co-founded, as chairman of the board and director.

The current director of the strategy and development department Ing. Jakub Hlavica, has ended his work at ENETIQA a.s.

 The ENETIQA energy group (formerly the MVV Energie CZ group) consists of fifteen companies operating in fifteen cities of the Czech Republic. The parent company is ENETIQA Energy s.r.o., which is part of the independent European investment group Cube Infrastructure Managers focused on medium-sized infrastructure projects. The three main pillars of the ENETIQA group's strategy are the production and distribution of thermal energy, the combined high-efficiency production of electricity and the energy utilization of waste

Ing. Miloš Adámek