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Reaction to press release of association DOST! sent 2 April 2010

DOST! is a purpose-built and politically motivated association, and further of their press releases acknowledges our repeated statements. So far, it is only a confrontational approach of politically motivated members of this association, which will seemingly intensify with the forthcoming election.
Allegations said in the press release of April 2, 2010 are fabricated accusations.  None of mentioned allegations accusing the MVV Energie CZ group and Ing. Václav Hrach, Ph.D., a chairman of the Board of Directors, are not based on truth.  This is proved by results of regular checks of our companies as well as last year"s forensic audit in one of group’s companies, which was initiated by the very same Petr Černého, who is now the chairman of the new association DOST!.
The MVV Energie CZ Group will continue to brace energies in field of heating industry as a careful manager, who abides by the code f due diligence.  Our good faith is documented by our openness in the field of companies’ management, towards contracting parties as well as all customers of our companies.  To protect any and all our consumers, and finally also all inhabitants of the Czech Republic, who are using the central heat supply system, against this politically motivated statements, our companies are always prepared to readily response any consumers’ questions regarding each and every company of the group.
Ing. Pavla Kulhavá