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Teplárna Liberec, member of ENETIQA Group, will complete the GreenNet project, investing over a billion Czech crowns in the modernization of the heat distribution networks.

Today, the general meeting of Teplárna Liberec approved the replacement of the remaining two steam pipes with hot water pipes. As part of the modernization, 24 kilometres of distribution lines as well as 85 exchange and transfer stations will be replaced. Related investments will take place not only in the heating plant itself but also in the TERMIZO municipal waste incinerator, from which the heating plant currently sources hot steam. The total investment is over one billion crowns and will be completed in the autumn of 2025. The modernization will reduce heat transport losses by 25% and thus also greenhouse gas emissions and the dependence of heat production on natural gas.

"Investment will be partially covered by a subsidy from the National Recovery Plan, the main part of the investment will be covered by the funds of the European investment group Cube Infrastructure Managers, our new owner. Without its support, we would not have been able to implement such an investment in a long-term sustainable method of heat distribution," says Jörg Lϋdorf, chairman of the board of ENETIQA and chairman of the supervisory board of Teplárna Liberec.

"The investment in the modernization of the heat distribution network in Liberec is completely in line with our focus on the development of long-term sustainable infrastructure projects for the local community in the field of energy. and I am glad that already in the first year after entering the Czech market we can support a project in the field of district heating, which we consider to be a priority," says Saket Trivedi, Partner at Cube Infrastructure Managers.

The project to modernize two distribution branches, planned under the names GreenNet II and GreenNet III, is a continuation of the Green Net I project, in the framework of which Teplárna Liberec replaced the first steam water pipes with hot water pipes leading from the heating plant along the Nisa to Pavlovice between 2018 and 2020. As part of GreenNet II, the "Textilana" branch, leading from the centre through Králův Háj to the Broumovská housing estate, will be replaced. The third branch called "Vratislavice" supplies heat mainly to Hanychov, Doubí, Rochlice, Zelené údolí and Vratislavice.

The modernization of distribution networks will also make it easier, more economical and more environmentally friendly to connect new customers to the heating plant. According to Jan Sedláček, chairman of the board of Teplárna Liberec, new development projects, companies and institutions are being considered.

Teplárna Liberec and the TERMIZO company, which also belongs to the ENETIQA group, must make additional investments in connection with the transition to hot water supply only. The heating plant will build four pressure tanks for hot water and TERMIZO will install a new turbine that will enable better use of excess heat and thus produce more electricity from waste.


The Liberec heating plant supplies heat to almost 13,000 households, mainly in Liberec housing estates, more than 120 customers from the tertiary sector and a dozen industrial enterprises. It is technologically connected to the neighbouring TERMIZO waste thermal processing facility, which provides it with more than two thirds of the energy needed for heat production. The resource base consists of a total of six boilers with a total heat output of 94.9 MW and three cogeneration units with an output of 3.6 MW. The distribution system includes 38.1 km of primary and 34.1 km of secondary distributions.

The ENETIQA energy group consists of fifteen companies operating in fifteen cities of the Czech Republic. The parent company is ENETIQA Energy s.r.o., which is part of the independent European investment company Cube Infrastructure Managers. The three main pillars of the ENETIQA group's strategy are the production and distribution of thermal energy, the combined high-efficiency production of electricity and the energy utilization of waste.

Ing. Miloš Adámek